What is Cash Flow Banking?

What is Cash Flow Banking?
By alphacardprocess February 15, 2022

Cash flow banking is a way to make money for yourself that creates passive income. With cash flow banking, you establish an account with your bank called “BANK” (not Bank of America; this is just an example). Once you open the BANK account, ask for a debit card from your bank and link it up with your checking account. After you do this, use your debit card to make daily withdrawals from your checking account at the ATM. Your cash on hand at any time for making purchases is reduced by the equivalent amount of money on deposit in your BANK account.

For example, say that today, Monday, at 5 pm EST you have $100 deposited into your checking account so your cash on hand is $100. At 9 pm EST, you decide to make a withdrawal of $50 from the ATM and deposit it into your BANK account. Your checking account balance says $50, and at this point you have $150 in the bank (the original $100 + the $50 withdrawn). You continue to do this until you have a decent amount of money in your BANK account. Eventually, you’ll have enough money to reach the minimum balance requirement for a bank to give you a loan.

Once you’ve reached the minimum balance, ask for a personal loan from your bank and immediately pay it back with what you had already deposited into your BANK account. After the loan is paid, simply repeat this process to get another loan and you’ll be making $100+ interest off of money that didn’t even exist until you deposited it!

Cash Flow Banking Pros: Cash flow banking offers a fast way to make passive income. To clarify, cash flow banking isn’t creating money; you’re using what you already have to make another form of money. Think of it as a way to “upgrade” your money into a more efficient, faster version that earns interest off the original sum of money. Cash flow banking is also easy and can be done virtually anywhere without much difficulty.

Cash Flow Banking Cons: There are only a couple of cons to cash flow banking, and they’re very minor. The first con is that you do have to wait until your bank account reaches the minimum balance. This can be anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000 depending on the bank. The second con is that if you need money in a pinch, it may not always be there for you because it’s tied up in a loan to acquire more money. In that case, making emergency withdraws might be difficult to do without incurring hefty fees from your bank.

How does Cash Flow Banking work?

Cash Flow Banking is an innovative way to make money. This system makes use of your checking account and “turns it into credit” without you even knowing it. By making small daily withdrawals over a period of time, the amount you have inside your bank will slowly increase until you’re ready to borrow some of that money back at interest.