What is a Mobile Point of Sale System?

What is a Mobile Point of Sale System?
By alphacardprocess February 11, 2022

Mobile Point of Sale systems are powerful, easy-to-use software that turns your mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet into a complete point of sale (POS) system. Once installed on your iOS, Android or Windows device, the POS terminal becomes an affordable and portable cash register, revolutionising retail POS business management. Most importantly it does not require an internet connection to process payments. Mobile Point of Sale systems offer a wide range of features and benefits for retail businesses including:

  • Improve customer service and sales: Increase your business productivity and responsiveness by enabling store/company staff to take orders anywhere throughout your business, processing them immediately on arrival at the counter.
  • Reduce operational costs: Save money by reducing queues and staff on the shop floor, preventing long lines at checkout counters. Mobile Point of Sale Systems are compatible with most major wireless technologies including WiFi, 3G and 4G cellular networks.
  • Improve cash management: Improve cash flow control by eliminating impromptu or unauthorized refund transactions made through traditional POS systems. Monitor all transactions with real-time reporting.
  • Track Business Performance: Monitor and track your business performance through data aggregation, providing you with comprehensive reports on sales trends by item, location or hour of the day. Gain insight into consumer behavior allowing you to improve product mix and maximize profits.
  • Greater Security: Save money on expensive credit card processing fees with Mobile Point of Sale systems. These systems are connected to your POS accounts without the need for merchant services contracts, reducing prices up to 90%.
  • Easier Inventory Management: Increase consumer convenience with faster checkouts and improved inventory management. Reduce product loss due to over- or understocking items by monitoring quantities real time. Gain greater insight into consumer buying patterns with inventory reports.

How does mPOS Work?

Mobile Point of Sale Systems are compatible with most major wireless technologies including WiFi, 3G and 4G cellular networks. Once installed on your smartphone or tablet, the merchant enters the payment amount. The customer then selects how they would like to pay by selecting either “Credit” or “Cash”, which sends a signal to the POS device, allowing merchants to accept either credit or debit cards on the go.

The mPOS solution can be used not only for retail purposes, but also to take payments in a wide range of business areas including:

  • Restaurants
  • Travel Agencies
  • Airport Shops
  • Conference Centers
  • Cinemas and Theatres

How to choose the right mobile POS system for your business?

Mobile Point of Sale Systems can be used for a wide range of purposes and in most cases products with similar functionalities will have very different prices, so it is important to consider your specific needs when choosing a product. Some things to consider:

What devices do I use?

If you own an iOS or Android device then the choice is clear. If you own both types of devices then you may consider getting more than one POS system for maximum flexibility.

How many items will I be selling?

Some systems allow the processing of orders with only one item while others require each item to have its own barcode or RFID tag. You should also look at which currencies are supported if you are selling internationally.

How easy is the system to use?

Look for systems that require minimal set up or installation, allowing you to get started immediately. You should also choose a POS that allows you to easily track inventory and access reports rather than one that requires advanced configuration before it can be used.

It’s clear that mPOS offers a range of benefits to businesses but how can SMEs benefit from mPOS?

mPOS provides real-time visibility into your business allowing you to locate suppliers, manage staff and analyse sales trends. You will also be able to take orders on the go, so it’s ideal for mobile salespeople who are out of the office often.