What is a 3D Payment Gateway?

What is a 3D Payment Gateway?
By alphacardprocess January 11, 2022

3D Payment Gateway is an online payment gateway that allows sellers to receive payments in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin etc. The company promotes the use of cryptocurrency for mainstream commerce.

3D Payment Gateway can be used on any site with a modern web browser. No plugins required. The platform uses advanced encryption and relies on blockchain technology to guarantee secure and instant payments.

3D payment gateway attracts the growing popularity of the cryptocurrency market. As a result, more people choose to pay with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies every day. If you are eager to know how this system works, keep reading our article.

3D Payment Gateway Review

The 3D Payment Gateway Review is an online payment system that allows you traders to receive payments in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency. This fully automated system has been used by more than seven thousand merchant since its launch in 2015.

3D Payment Gateway features

The platform offers several features for merchants to choose from: Multi-Currency/Multi-Language Options – With 3D Payment Gateway, merchants can receive payments in fiat currencies or select from a wide range of cryptocurrencies.  

3D Gateway works with the most popular crypto-currencies: Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin. 3D Currency converter – It helps you to convert any amount into a other currency instantly. This feature is essential for those who want to sell goods and services from all over the world. 3D Gateway also allows you to select from a range of fiat currencies. Digital Marketplace – 3D Payment Gate way offers an opportunity for business owners to list their goods or services on our web page. The company works with reputable companies that offer various products and services, such as electronics, clothing and digital downloads.    3D Gateway Review – is it reliable?   Secured Checkout with SSL encryption – The system provides a secure and personal checkout process for users, with 256-bit SSL encryption. It includes an option to set up your own checkout page or use our pre-built templates. 

3D Payment Gateway Pricing Plan

The 3D Payment Gateway allows you to choose the plan that meets your needs. The company offers four different plans: Personal, Business, Ultimate and Enterprise. 

The Personal plan starts at 0.5% with a minimum transaction fee of $1 USD. If you are looking for a reliable online payment solution but don’t have much money to spend, the Personal plan might be useful for you.

3D Payment Gateway Review – Business Plan Pricing

The Business plan is recommended for merchants who regularly receive larger transactions than the ones let through with the Personal plan. The company charges 0.5% to 1% on all transactions made by your customers that can be paid via 3D Payment Gateway.

3D Payment Gateway Review – Ultimate Plan Pricing

If you use the Ultimate plan, you will never have to pay any extra fees. The company offers a monthly service fee of $49 USD and a transaction fee of 0.5% on all your transactions that can be paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

The 3D Payment Gateway Enterprise Plan

The highest level plan is intended for major merchants and entrepreneurs that require a full-service system. The company offers an extensive range of services: merchant account, gateway API, multi-currency support, among others. If you need any assistance with your website or platform, 3D Payment Gateway also provides dedicated support services to help you out.

3D Payment Gateway Review – Advantages

The platform offers a wide range of features that help you accept various types of payments. The system also provides merchant accounts and payment gateways, as well as dedicated support services for those who need it.