How To Get The Cheapest Shipping Rates In 2023?

How To Get The Cheapest Shipping Rates In 2023?
By alphacardprocess April 4, 2023

Shipping costs remain crucial as they are capable of affecting whether or not a customer will purchase your product. It is important to conduct in-depth research before you make any exorbitant decision in the effect of ongoing inflation -particularly if you are a small-scale business framing the shipping approach for the first-ever time.

A recent report estimated that around 50 percent of online customers abandon the respective cart due to additional costs like expensive shipping and taxes. Customers usually expect instant and affordable delivery options at the time of checkout. Therefore, maintaining reduced shipping rates will be undeniably beneficial for your organization. How can you ensure that you always have the lowest shipping rates?

Cheapest Method to Ship Depending on the Size of the Package

The overall shipping costs are significantly influenced by the size of the package getting shipped. The larger will be your package, the more room it will take up in the vehicle. Eventually, it will result into expensive shipping.

As large packages tend to be carried by forklift, your brand’s packaging should be capable of handling bulky loads while understanding the difficult carrying methods required by the respective packages. It is recommended to always utilize well-designed, new boxes -preferably featuring staples or seamed.

Additionally, large-sized packages are much more like to move at the time of shipping. Conventional packaging materials like bubble wrap and scrunched-up paper might not be sufficient in stopping the overall damage. Rather, you can think of leveraging enclosures made out of corrugated boards or engineered foam. However, these packaging techniques can also sometimes increase the overall shipping costs. Alternatively, you can make the shipping costs quite manageable when you choose the option of flat-rate shipping.

Most leading shipping companies like DHL and FedEx will go ahead with satisfying your requirements -irrespective of the size of the package. The least expensive option for transporting small packages is the USPS or United States Postal Service. On the other hand, FedEx and UPS, offer some of the most affordable shipping rates even for large-sized packages. Both carriers allow you to use the standard shipping services to transport oversized packages that weigh up to 150 pounds.

Moreover, in most cases, you might not require a second box as most products are already available as packaged. In the respective situations, you should ensure that products feature accurate labels. This can feature multiple notices that are required depending on what is inside and the right shipping labels. Barcodes should be readable to be scanned effectively. Therefore, they must be shielded from damage or harm.

Cheapest Method to Ship Depending on Weight

The price of shipping a package is also determined with the help of DIM (dimensional) weight. The height, width, and length of the package tend to be multiplied -followed by dividing the same with the DIM variable of the carrier for determining the weight of the package.

DIM weight can increase the shipping costs if you are sending the oversized package. For instance, if the package will weigh 10 lbs but the DIM weight is 15 lbs, you will be billed for the DIM weight of 15 lbs.

If the DIM weight of the parcel tends to be lower than the original weight, the cost of shipping will be determined by the original weight. Some of the DIM factors are utilized by leading companies like FedEx, USPS, and UPS for calculating the weight of the large-sized packages.

The weight that can be carried by a majority of shipping agencies is also capped. For instance, USPS is not able to transport packages that weigh more than 70 lbs. UPS and FedEx services feature the most cost-effective rates for packages that weigh over 10 lbs. FedEx Ground and UPS services feature the most affordable rates for packages that weigh over 10 pounds. The service offers guaranteed same-day delivery within 1-5 days. It is amongst the cheapest ways for ensuring domestic shipping across the United States.

Cheapest Method to Ship Depending on Delivery Speed

One of the cheapest shipping options for bulky boxes is the notion of ground shipping. However, it will take time to ship the packages. Ground shipping typically requires 3-5 working days after pickup for delivering the package. Therefore, if you require access to speedy delivery, you will leverage air freight. Eventually, it will significantly increase the overall costs for transporting heavy items.

Most consumers would want the respective orders delivered instantly. Therefore, it is important to take the shipping speed of the carrier into account. For 2-3 day of shipping, USPS serves to be one of the most affordable options. Even after having comparable delivery times to USPS, FedEx and UPS charge more for shipping. However, one major benefit of using the two services over USPS is that they always offer delivery guarantees.

Moreover, FedEx and UPS also serve as the best options for ensuring next-day delivery. The option of next-day delivery by UPS offers the guarantee of nighttime delivery between 3-4pm. The service provider also offers same-day shipment to residential complexes. Moreover, for sites within the distance of 150 miles, FedEx offers the promise of next-day shipment by the time of 4:30pm.

For deliveries that are time-sensitive, UPS also offers the assurance of delivery in the morning. It offers the guarantee of shipment by 8 am across all metropolitan areas and before 9 am to a wide number of cities. Moreover, some locations can also receive access to shipments on Saturdays. On the other hand, FedEx offers access to assured overnight delivery services that start at 8 am the next subsequent day.

What is the Cheapest Method to Ship Packages Internationally?

International shipment is regarded as the shipment of goods across nations by sea, air, or road. Cross-border transportation of freight is quite complicated that involves the process of adhering to a wide range of rules & regulations. Companies are expected to know as well as follow stringent international inspections to ship goods without any issues. They are also expected to gather paperwork for the respective cargo for getting customs clearance.

In addition to other factors, the shipment mode has a major impact on the speed with which the shipments will cross the border. The transportation mode you will select has a major impact on the duration within which the delivery will take place. For instance, air freight moves at a rapid rate in comparison to sea freight. However, the overall speed will come at a specific cost. On the other hand, sea tends to be less expensive but slower mode of transportation. If you will ship fragile items that cannot be secured properly over longer distances, sea freight is not a suitable option.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with smaller packages, USPS serves to be a great option for international shipping. It turns out to be one of the most affordable ways to small-sized parcels that weigh around 4 lbs to more than 180 nations. However, you should know that the brand does not offer access to the delivery ETA. Ultimately, final shipment can take some time. There is no provision of insurance coverage. However, you can buy insurance on your own.

FedEx serves to be another leading brand for international shipping. The services they offer for ensuring international orders will allow you to deliver to more than 200 nations across the world -including the United States of America, Canada, Europe, and so more. The delivery time tends to be 2-3 working days -depending on the type of shipment.


While leading companies like FedEx, UPS, and USPS have their own benefits and drawbacks, you should decide on your own the best solution for your company with respect to both services and prices.

You should select the respective shipping partner depending on the nature of the business, objectives, vision, and the preferences of the customers. In simpler terms, choosing the most affordable option should not minimize customer retention or drive away repeat customers.

Therefore, one of the best ways of deciding the best solution is by gaining in-depth understanding of your business, what the company stands for, and what the clients want out of your business. Search for a partner you can trust effectively. Inspect the labels that are applied correctly and advance to the carrier, carrier selection methods, and warehousing units to ensure that you are shipping goods in the most cost-effective manner while minimizing the risks of return.