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December 17, 20210 Comment
What are the Stores that ..

Apple Pay is the contactless payment system which is very easy to use. Recently launched Apple in IOS 8.1 iphone 6 ...

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December 13, 20210 Comment
What is Apple Pay and How..

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December 10, 20210 Comment
What is Peer-to-Peer paym..

Peer-to-peer payments are just what they sound like, payments that are sent directl...

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December 9, 20210 Comment
What is Credit Card Token..

Tokenization is the process of replacing a sensitive data element with an algorithm...

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December 9, 20210 Comment
What is Tap and Pay (NFC)..

Tap and Pay, also known as NFC (near field communication), is a technology that all...

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December 8, 20210 Comment
What are the 12 requireme..

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - it's a security s...

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December 7, 20210 Comment
Average Credit Card Proce..

The ongoing shift toward EMV chip cards in the United States will cause merchant cr...

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December 6, 20210 Comment
What is credit card proce..

Credit card processing is the term used for the electronic systems that businesses ...

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December 4, 20210 Comment
What is a merchant cash a..

Merchant cash advances can be used by businesses that accept credit cards as paymen...

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